Pure Land Centre

It’s natural to want to die peacefully, free of pain. Buddhists believe that having a peaceful and virtuous mind at the time of death can lead to a happy next life. Conversely, a mind that is disturbed, anxious, afraid, angry or unforgiving can lead to a difficult death and a rebirth full of suffering. Therefore it is important for a dying person to have access to a peaceful and virtuous environment. The Pure Land Project is all about creating this environment as a purpose-built facility in Perth, Western Australia. (Read more about Preparing for Death.)

The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha (Pure Land Centre) will not be a hospice, since all nursing and medical needs will be met by visiting professionals such as Silver Chain. The dying person will have a well-equipped private room, and there will be adjoining rooms for their carers, who will usually be their family, to live in. The dying person’s own spiritual teachers will be invited to visit frequently to provide spiritual guidance. Trained Pure Land volunteers will be on hand to provide companionship, emotional and spiritual support, to both the dying person and their carers.

Pilot Project

Our research reveals that our concept for the Pure Land Centre has not been tried elsewhere. Our first step is to run a pilot trial for a period of three years. We are now seeking suitable premises, volunteers and funds to start the pilot project. We need your support and your help.

Fundraiser: The Harp Concert 7pm Sat 14 Jul 2018

Get details and make a booking for the Harp Concert 14 Jul 2018 at 7pm with harpist Shamarra de Tissera held at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre 64 Banksia Tce Kensington WA

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