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About The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha, Inc.

Hayagriva Buddha Sep 2006The Pure Land Inc. is an initiative of the Wheel of Life Palliative Care Support Group, which is a social outreach community service attached to the Hayagriva Buddhist Centre, 64 Banksia Terrace, Kensington, WA 6151.

The Pure Land is an incorporated association in the State of Western Australia. It is also a charity (registered in WA) and has a Charitable Collections Licence. The Pure Land website (https://purelandcentre.org) has a wealth of information about the group and about dying, death and rebirth. The inaugural AGM will be held on 7 December 2019. The Interim Management Committee is comprised of Buddhists from Hayagriva Buddhist Centre and from the Buddhist Society of WA. Based on our experience in the Wheel of Life Palliative Care Support Group over the last ten years, running comprehensive training courses for care of the dying, it is now our intention to create a multi-faith centre for care of the dying that has a focus on emotional and spiritual care.

The following points summarize our model for the The Pure Land of the Indestructible Buddha, Incorporated (The Pure Land Inc.):

  1. The Pure Land Inc. will be a facility where dying people, classified as requiring only palliative care, can die in a peaceful and virtuous environment. Such an environment will allow the person to die in what is more like a ‘sacred space’ than at home, which is often a ‘worldly place’.
  2. The dying person will have a well-equipped private room, and there will be adjoining rooms for their carers, who will usually be their family, to live in. The dying person’s own spiritual teachers will be invited to visit frequently to provide spiritual guidance at the most important time approaching death.
  3. Trained Pure Land volunteers will be on hand to provide companionship, emotional and spiritual support, to both the dying person and their carers. Other volunteers will assist with cleaning, cooking, garden, and building maintenance. A Resident Manager will live at the Centre. The family/carers will be expected to live in much of the time and to take responsibility for the nursing and medical needs of the patient.
  4. Some ancillary services such as laundry, cleaning and meals, will be available. A full hospice service will not be offered. The Pure Land Inc. will offer accommodation, companionship, emotional and spiritual care. As with ‘home care’, nursing and medical services will be arranged by family members, and will come from organizations such as Silver Chain.
  5. To help meet the costs of running The Pure Land, the patient, and their family/carer will need to make a contribution towards expenses.

In summary, The Pure Land will provide the environment for a peaceful and virtuous death, for those who wish for an emphasis on emotional and spiritual care during their last weeks. The family/carers will be expected to take responsibility for the nursing and medical needs of the patient. Visiting professionals, from organizations such as Silver Chain, will provide the requested nursing and medical care. The Pure Land will be run primarily by trained volunteers, with a Resident Manager. The Pure Land, a multi-faith facility, will be open to all, but the main users initially are expected to come from Buddhist groups in Perth, and their families.

Incorporation Number A1026041F
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Charitable Collections Licence CC22576
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